Full-mouth Reconstruction - Rocky Mount, NC

Recreating Beautiful Smiles

When disease, decay, or damage wreck a smile, a patient may feel embarrassed about seeking professional help. Our Rocky Mount, NC dental office welcomes patients with broken-down smiles. Dr. Belton & Dr. Schrimper applaud you for taking a step toward reclaiming a strong and healthy smile for a healthier life! You'll feel better emotionally and physically when you have a comfortable, beautiful smile to share with the world thanks to full-mouth reconstruction in Rocky Mount, NC.

Sometimes a few crowns, fillings, or replacement teeth aren't enough to completely restore dental health. When you visit, Dr. Belton or Dr. Schrimper will evaluate your teeth, gums, and soft tissues, as well as your occlusion, which is how your teeth fit together when you shut your mouth. The Rocky Mount team will take X-rays, intra-oral and extra-oral images, and possibly a Panorex image to provide us with detailed information to create your full-mouth reconstruction plan.

We will also talk with you about your concerns. Do you have pain? Does dental work make you nervous? What do you want to achieve from your dental work? Dr. Belton and Dr. Schrimper will address your concerns and present a full-mouth reconstruction plan to restore your optimal oral health. We will explain our suggestions, your options, and the time and financial commitment involved. With scheduling and financing options, you can enjoy the healthy, comfortable, beautiful smile you deserve

We may recommend fillings, crowns, inlays, or onlays to restore teeth. Same-day crowns, bridgework, partials, dentures, and dental implants offer exciting, lifelike solutions to replace missing teeth. Our Rocky Mount team can also collaborate with specialists in an interdisciplinary approach to ensure that our patients receive the treatment they need. Our goal is to deliver the smile you want, and then help you maintain it for life.

Call today to reserve your full-mouth reconstruction appointment at Dr. Belton & Dr. Schrimper. We use full-mouth reconstruction to renovate the smiles of patients from Rocky Mount, Nashville, Farmville, Tarboro, Wilson, and the nearby North Carolina towns.